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For ‘wines with authentic personality,’ look no further than Domaine de l’Envol. This Ingersheim-based estate is situated on the heart of the Alsatian wine road, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Colmar. Here, German influences are evident in the region’s culture, cuisine, and winemaking scene, though make no mistake — these wines are French to their core.

Founded in 2016, Domaine de l’Envol seeks to highlight the vast array of micro-terroirs present within the region, which they believe is best showcased through natural viticulture and vinification practices.

Today, Envol’s holdings are the result of the union of two families. Comprising 21 hectares, the estate’s vineyards span a 15-kilometer radius around the winery, which allows the family to work with a variety of soil types and traditional Alsatian grape varieties, including Riesling, Sylvaner, Muscat, Gewurztraminer, and more. All fruit at Domaine de l’Envol is hand-harvested and spontaneously fermented, with just a touch of sulfur added during the vinification process. The estate is completely organic and Demeter certified (biodynamics), which solidifies their commitment to always putting the environment first. This dedication, coupled with the estate’s unique mosaic of terroirs and light hand in the cellar, is what makes Envol’s lineup so exciting.

‘We consider our wines [to be wines] of pleasure, sharing, and gastronomy, made as naturally as possible and in harmony with their soil. The expression of our terroirs goes through a continuous observation of our vines and the nature around it, as the necessary basis for wine production is living soil,” – Domaine de l’Envol

Domaine De l'Envol - Vins d'Alsace